Services Offered

EcoCuts is the fully-loaded services division of Eco Supply. Decades of experience in the areas of design, fabrication, architecture, and green building products distribution has helped us to bring a vast suite of value added services to the table.

By combining CAD software, cutting and machining services, and our suite of sustainable materials, EcoCuts can deliver value added solutions to help you achieve your project goals.

We can help you create your new design by providing a working version of your product idea.
Our trained experts in the fields of architecture and design can turn your concepts and sketches into specifications.
Design Analysis
Allow our team to assess your designs and offer valuable knowledge to guide your design decisions.
File Conversion
Do you have a design ready to produce but lack the software to output? A paper template that needs to be digitized? We can format your files for production and processing.
Our time-tested experience in the shop delivers end products that are built with a high level of craft.
CNC Machining
Built for speed and precision, our CNC machining capabilities can service just-in-time, one-off or production processing.
CAD Modelling
2D & 3D modeling can turn your gestures and sketches into professional construction documents.
Product Photography
Our team includes professional photographers. To support your marketing initiatives, we can provide high resolution images of your products before they are packaged and shipped.